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i’m about to blow my paycheck


i’m about to blow my paycheck

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John Light as Oberon and Matthew Tennyson as Puck, in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Globe. Directed by Dominic Dromgoole.

Sure I’ll have this on my blog again

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"if you’re straight and white tumblr will lynch you~"

fun fact!! there are actual places in the real irl world today (2014!) where if you are anything other than straight and white you will actually get lynched! literally! they will literally kill you!! isn’t that wild??

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*screams from the mountaintop* POUSSEY!!!!


*screams from the mountaintop* POUSSEY!!!!

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Is there such a thing as “the usual scenery” in Animal Crossing?

I’d been slowly building up to this post as events and weather naturally occurred over the past year!

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This is my favourite photo in existence.


This is my favourite photo in existence.

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unleash hell for just $1.50



unleash hell for just $1.50

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Watson & Moriarity #elementary_cbs #Emmys

You perfect humans.
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Some Handy Examples of How Non-Sex Working Feminists Can Aid in Critiquing the Sex Industry
Your women's studies prof: Class, do you think pornography enables male entitlement?
You: Well, according to this essay I read by someone who does porn, it doesn't make a lot of sense to just critique it as a piece of media + not a site + product of highly stigmatized labor. So, yes, it does, but that may largely be beside the point of where and how male violence occurs in relation to pornography.
That lady at your local NOW chapter: It is WRONG for men to purchase sex, therefore we must make it illegal.
You: I agree that capitalist conditions create coercive and abusive situations for those in the sex industry, but carceral solutions don't address that underlying issue.
Your younger sister: *points at a Maxim magazine cover* Isn't it wrong that there are all these sexualized pictures of women everywhere?
You: It's wrong that the male gaze is all-pervasive and our idea of the ideal woman is profoundly racist, sizeist, ableist, and cissexist. It's also wrong that these images exist within the context of a violent patriarchal culture, but the images themselves are not wrong.
Some rando in your ask box: How do we end the abuse of people in the sex industries?
You: Let me link you to this blog by sex workers advocating for workers' rights.
Your boyfriend: Why is there so much bad sex in porn?
You: Let me show you this essay on porn by a sex worker.
Your girlfriend: Stripping is exploitative.
You: Let me show you this academic article written by a stripper.
Your aunt: Dominatrices probably think they're empowered but really--
You: Here's a thing written by a sex worker.
Your grandpa: Prostitution--
You: Here's a thing written by a sex worker.
Your cat:
You: Good point, let me read you this issue of Prose & Lore out loud.
You: *signal boosts our words + shows up at rallies + emails legislators + gives orgs like Abeni + Sex Workers Project all your damn money*
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Massachusetts State Police Issue Apology for “Racial Profiling Saves Lives” Bumper Sticker, But Not Before Lying About It

Massachusetts State Police issued an apology Monday for a bumper sticker on one of their police cruisers that read: “Racial Profiling Saves Lives,” but not before lying about it.

Boston resident Chris Kantos, was walking Sunday morning and came across on official police cruiser, number 1183, and noticed an odd bumper sticker on it.

Kantos tweeted this image out immediately.

Instead of apologizing immediately, Boston PD removed the sticker and published a second image of the cruiser with no bumper sticker. Then accused Kantos of photoshopping the image.

“Why on earth would I photoshop something like that?” Kantos asked on Twitter.

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