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Brown skin tattoos. 


The first one. What does it mean? Want.

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I think one of the reasons the Harry Potter Epilogue was so poorly received was because the audience was primarily made up of the Millennial generation.

We’ve walked with Harry, Ron and Hermione, through a world that we thought was great but slowly revealed…

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New Protest MVP Candidate! Get it girl! #staywoke #farfromover #thefutureisbright

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bitch what the fuck did ghandi do like why would you even create a post like that

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i didnt make it i only reblogged it from a friend who pointed it out.

  • Gandhi boasted of the incident in his writings, pushing the message to all Indians that women should carry responsibility for sexual attacks upon them.”
  • Gandhi believed Indian women who were raped lost their value as human beings.”
  • He argued that fathers could be justified in killing daughters who had been sexually assaulted for the sake of family and community honour. “
  • Incest. “He took to sleeping with naked young women, including his own great-niece, in order to “test” his commitment to celibacy.”

he wasn’t a saint.

it would b cool if someone could source this shit

  • one (misogynist, rape defending, incest
  • two (anti black)
  • three (racism)
  • four (rape)
  • five and six (anti semitic)
  • seven (sexually exploited women)

he also would sleep naked with young girls, usually 12 years old or under, one of them related to him by blood, to test if he would want to have sex with them or not. theres a lot of questions surrounding whether he ever did have sex/rape any of them but i have no solid evidence proving those statements.

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Zoom pump-kins:

Happy Halloween! :) on We Heart It.


Happy Halloween! :) on We Heart It.

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The frightening thing is that, like most of their other campaigns against women, they see themselves as just warriors fighting for what’s right. This is primarily because they firmly believe that any woman who speaks up on women’s issues is completely disingenuous and only doing it for the purposes of self-promotion, and that any man who does is looking to get laid, because they actually cannot possibly imagine a scenario in which someone would genuinely give a shit about women.
Members of this board, as well as “Men’s Rights Activists” in general, tend to go apoplectic at even the most mild implications that women might be human beings. For them, this is simply “not allowed” and must be punished swiftly and severely, as they appear to believe that feminism is the one obstacle in the way of all these pathetic neckbeards getting their pick of supermodel girlfriends who obey their every whim. The goal is to make it as uncomfortable to speak out about misogyny and women’s issues as possible, which is why they go to the wall in terms of harassing women like Emma Watson. At the end of the day, this is the crux of it. It would be sad if it weren’t so vile.
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Zoom vintagegal:

Bettie Page photographed by Harold Lloyd c. 1955


Bettie Page photographed by Harold Lloyd c. 1955

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i would give my left kidney for asexual taystee jefferson.

she’s an extrovert who cares more about her family in all its forms than she is in dating.

none of her flashbacks or current prison drama revolve around fucking.

when poussey kisses her she says she’s “not like that”…

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And if you’re still up at 4 a.m.,

you are in love or lonely,

and I don’t know which one is worse.


im looking up dragon ball z trivia

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baby goats playing on other animals

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Zoom le-paon-blanc:

accurate picture of goodcleanjan 😍


accurate picture of goodcleanjan 😍

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Details of the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2014/15 Haute Couture Collection (x)

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